The terms of use of the Internet service represent a legal agreement between the end user (a specific natural or legal person) and for the use of the Internet service and related services. When the user accesses the Internet service or uses it in any other way, he is bound by the provisions of these terms of use. The user who does not agree with these terms of use, may not use the network service and related terms.


These terms of use apply to the website and all other products and services on the website and to all web pages in the domain ( internet service). These terms of use do not include advertising services on the internet service, because they are subject to separate general terms.


The services of the internet service, which is available on the Internet at the domain, are intended for everyone who has access to the Internet and accepts the conditions of using the internet service and who undertake to use the services exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes in accordance with applicable law, principles of morality and ethics, as well as these terms of use. internet forums, websites, blogs and e-mail.


A user who wants to use all the functionalities of the internet service and who wants to store his own files and contents on it, must register in advance. User registration takes place via a web interface in which the user enters their data. The user undertakes to follow the following instructions when registering: the entered data, especially contact data, must be complete and true; issuance for a third party, ie. entering data of a third party without his permission is prohibited each user can have only one username.


Users can save their files for free on the internet service, where the following conditions apply, ie. restrictions: files can only be in the following formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF

-The maximum allowed file size is 6 MB

-The number of files a user can post is not limited

The user undertakes to follow the following content instructions when saving files: the content of the files must not be illegal, harmful, incorrect, controversial, morally inappropriate or offensive,

-file content must not be erotic or pornographic

- the content of the files must not represent a copyrighted work or a work on which a third party has other intellectual property rights, unless the user has the express right to provide such a protected file, ie. publish the content on the internet service

- The content of the files must not violate the legislation in the field of personal data protection

- the content of the files must not be intended for commercial use. reserves the right to delete, censor or modify any file stored on the internet service, if it considers that a particular file violates these terms of use. Unregistered, registered and logged in users can store files on the Internet service In the event that a certain user has sent files to the web service using the Add command, which is marked in the green field and was not registered or logged in, these files will only be found if he remembers their URL, BBcode or HTML address. was displayed at the end of the transfer. Registered and logged in user will be able to view and edit all their saved files in their private album.

INTERNET SERVICE CONTENT has no influence on the content of files and other content stored on the internet service, because it is content that users enter on the internet service independently. Accordingly, does not take any responsibility for the truthfulness, regularity and legality of the content stored on the Internet service by users. In connection with the above obligation, reserves the right to delete, censor or modify the saved files, if it considers that the content as a whole or its part does not comply with these terms of use or violates. could constitute a violation of applicable law. also reserves the right to delete a user for the same reason and to prevent him from further use of the Internet service


The services of the Internet service may be used only for private, non-commercial use, unless otherwise specified in these terms of use or by special agreement. Any unauthorized copying of the contents of the Internet service, especially certain files, their modification and inclusion on another website, product or service, except for copying certain files based on the permission of the user who saved those files and other than the use, which is expressly allowed by certain services of the internet service "Meta" search of the Internet service is prohibited. It is forbidden to use automatic queries or other robots, which automatically receive data from the internet service or otherwise automatically intervene or communicate with the network service For each commercial use of the internet service, a prior agreement must be made with the Files, which are stored on the internet service, users can download from the network for personal home use, where it is forbidden to change copyright notices, other notices of intellectual property rights or notices of other rights.

The user is expressly prohibited from all the following activities, for which the user expressly undertakes not to perform or attempt to perform them:

1. use of the service for the purpose of publishing or promoting any content and / or activity that is contrary to applicable law and / or public order and morals

2.use of threats, derogatory, degrading or insulting manner of expression in communication, as well as expression that could violate the personal rights of third parties

3.communicating with other users on behalf of third parties

4. use of personal data of a third party without his consent

5.population of untrue, illegal, harmful, erroneous, disputable, pornographic, morally inappropriate or offensive content

6. use of the service for commercial, illegal or any other purposes other than those specified in these terms of use

7.distributing copyrighted content or content owned by another legal or natural person

8. use of computer codes, malicious programs or anything that could interfere with, disable or harm this service, the service provider and its software and hardware, as well as telecommunications devices or electronic communications network 9. any intervention or attempt to intervene in the program and / or source code of the service with the purpose or consequence of changing the conditions of operation of the service; in particular, enable the use of the service from another website or gain access to data on third parties

10. any attempt to acquire, collect, destroy, modify and / or store the personal data of other users and data entered by these users for the purpose of using the service.


The entire content of the internet service is copyrighted as an individual work, ie as a database. Storage primarily includes data, texts, multimedia content, software and HTML, java and flash source code. Copyrighted content may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes, unless a particular use is prohibited by these terms of use or applicable law. By entering data into the network interface of the internet service, the user transfers to material copyrights to all saved files and contents, and only those necessary for the purposes of publication on the internet service, where the transfer is not excluded, and temporally and territorially unlimited. Files and content entered into the Internet service of by unregistered users are publicly published and available to third parties. The registered and logged in user can choose whether the saved files and contents will be publicly available to third parties or not. The transfer of rights can be revoked by the user by deleting the saved file. The user warrants to the service, under material responsibility, that for all content published on the Internet service, he has the appropriate material copyrights and undertakes to compensate the service for any damage that would occur due to violation of this obligation. p>

The owner of the registered web domain is and the user may not use the name in any form for any purpose, except in the case when the use is explicitly allowed by these rules of use or applicable legislation. >

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY undertakes to strive for the entire content of the Internet service to be of high quality and aesthetic, constantly available, legal and up-to-date and not to contain illegal or morally questionable elements, any viruses, Trojan horses or similar factors that could harm the network infrastructure. Nevertheless, the service of the Internet service is available as it is and without any guarantee for work.

Regarding the provision of the Internet service, the following limitations of liability apply, unless otherwise specified in these terms of use: does not take responsibility for the content, availability, operation and regularity of the Internet service, is responsible for the truthfulness, correctness and legality of the content stored on the Internet service by users does not take responsibility for any possible damage that would occur to the user due to the inability to use the Internet service, due to trust in the content of the Internet service, due to data loss or other reasons related to the action and availability of the Internet service does not take responsibility for the loss of content and content motives, which are the result of misuse, technical inadequacy of the computer and ignorance or clumsiness of the user cannot provide the operation of the service in the event of a power outage, contractual partners or other technical disturbances, which could temporarily interfere with the operation of the Internet service

The Bidder reserves the right to terminate the provision of the Internet service at any time, for any reason and for any period, without prior notice, if it deems it necessary.

The limitation of liability in these terms of use applies provided that it is in accordance with applicable law. In the event of non-compliance, such limitation of liability shall apply as permitted by applicable law.


The user of the service explicitly allows the provider to collect and process the data necessary for that purpose in order to provide the Internet service, namely: data on the user, as he entered them into the internet service

-data on saved files and other content

-data on viewed content

-user IP address data

-data on the time of using the internet service undertakes not to provide the above user data to third parties, with the exception of related parties, which provide the provider with certain support services necessary for the operation of the service and in case of suspicion of violation of these terms of use and other persons (primarily government agencies), whose participation is required in prosecuting the offender.

Which is strictly forbidden

The user of site may not upload any images related to pornographic content, copyrighted material, harassment, or spam. The following types of images may not be inserted on under any circumstances:

1.Pornographic images. These include images that explicitly show genitals, the naked body, or sexual images of any kind.

2. Images that are illegal and that are in conflict with the law .

3. Images that infringe on the copyrights of their owners.

4.Pictures showing persuading another person to do any illegal act.

5. Images that promote everything related to commercial profit, if the product is not made by the person himself.

6.Pornography, images of any nature that are for adults, including child pornography, any image showing torture.

7.Pictures showing any kind of violence, against people and animals.

8.Pictures depicting religious and national intolerance.

9.Images showing violent behavior (eg fight, murder, kidnapping.

10.Ilegal programs, viruses, hacking and other images explaining how to harm another person via email or website.

11.Pictures showing the sale of any type of drug.

12.Pictures showing the sale of any type of alcoholic beverage.

13.Pictures showing the sale of tobacco, cigarettes.

14.Pictures showing the sale of any pharmaceutical drugs.

15.Pictures selling weapons and ammunition (eg rifles, pistols, knives, bombs and all kinds of explosives.

16.Pictures showing all types of goods where the trademark is violated.

17.Pictures that sell everything related to a work of art.

18. Images showing links to websites where any type of illegal content is located.

19. Any content that shows any illegal action, which is prohibited by law and which may harm another person.

The user has the right to view, transcribe, copy, supplement, repair, block and delete personal data relating to him.


If notices that the title does not match the image, or the title is repeated, it can change it at any time to match the true description of the image itself

Likewise, has the right to delete any image that does not contain a title, or that contains a title but that title does not match the image

CHANGE OF TERMS OF USE reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time, if it deems it necessary. The amended terms of use are valid from the publication on the website and are used for the individual user from his receipt of these new conditions. to inform via the contact form

form, where he must state exact names of disputed files e.g. and the reason for registration. After checking the allegations, will take appropriate measures and, if necessary, will remove the disputed files.

If you notice that your copyrighted work or photo has appeared on, and you do not want it to appear on, please contact us here:

In the message, you should send us the exact link where the image is located, and as soon as possible, upon your request, the image will be deleted. @ 2021